A Peep Into Petacchi’s S-Works Tarmac

Alessandro Petacchi has hung his boots as far as professional road racing cycling is concerned.

He retired from the sport last year and this 42 year old Italian is still remembered by cycling enthusiasts for his bikes and his control over them. He last raced for the Wilier Triestina-Southeast team.

Petacchi was an Alpha sprinter and had won over 48 tour stages during his illustrious career. All his major achievements came during the 2000 to 2010 period. He bowed out of the role of the Alpha Sprinter in 2012 and joined Omega Pharma Quick Step as Mark Cavendish’s lead man in 2014. The Petacchi’s bike stood out for all the good reasons and is admired for the extreme set up.

The Italian is about 6 feet tall and hence his bikes are set as track machines. The saddle to handlebar drop is huge at 14cm and its reach is 62.5cm. He has the option to choose any of the zip wheels that he likes, unlike his teammates. Petacchi opts for the 303 tubular. He loves to race with the Tarmac despite having the Vengo aero bike.
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Alessandro Petacchi Plans To Retire

Cycling, like sprinting, is a physically grueling exercise.

Hence, it should not come as a surprise when popular athletes announce their decision to retire. One such name is Alessandro Petacchi. He has announced his retirement from the profession of cycling. Having gained fame initially as an Italian sprinter, he has decided to retire from his cycling career at the age of 41. Fans will recollect many of his wins like the Giro d’Italia in 2003. He has been known as the best sprinter for the past decade. He has announced his retirement recently after he completed the latest Giro d’Italia. He states that the reason is having a viral infection that affected him during the event. He admits that, after the event he has not touched his bikes for the first week of June. Many of his fans remember his more recent cycling events like the Tour of Langkawi where he participated in the year 2015 in stage 4. Continue reading “Alessandro Petacchi Plans To Retire”

Sir Chris Hoy all set to race at the Le Mans 24 hour

Sir Chris Hoy, a well known cycling champion, would step up his journey in motorsport by taking part at the at Le Mans, in June.

The forty year old man from Scotland, who is also the most successful Olympian of United Kingdom, would contend in the 2nd tier at the well known twenty-four hour event.

Chris as well as two teammates would drive a Ligier JS P2 chassis, powered by Nissan, at the Le Mans’ Circuit de la Sarthe. Hoy told that he is not thinking beyond the Le Mans. He is only thinking about getting to the start of the race.

After his retirement from cycling, Hoy took part in the British GT Championship in the year 2014 and participated in the European Le Mans Series previous year, with his team winning the award. In France, his co-drivers would be Briton Michael Munemann and Frenchman Andrea Pizzitola.
The eleven time world track cycling champ along with 7 Olympic medals told that he would not prefer to say that he is Chris – a racing driver. But on his Twitter account, he now has ‘race cars’ at the end of the little list of things. He altered that in the previous week.
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Punching By Petacchi Leads To Furious Energy From Harrif

Mohd Harrif Salleh, the rider of Terengganu Cycling Team stated that his fierceness with Alessandro Petacchi has allegedly made him a punch bag. He points out that Petacchi had punched him in the stage sixth from behind of the Langkawi Tour of 2015 which began from Maran to Karak. The act was according to him completely unprofessional. The incident took place when two kilometre in the final was left with a minimum line margin.

The reason for his punching was that his team’s player was also in the same path. Concentration was disturbed by the action according to Mohd Hariff. He thought of sprinting away but then was also cautious that he would cause the act to be repeated. He feels that if his actions seem to be probable he is going to lose his temper. Another team mate of his team was also punched by other rider which is disgraceful but the name of the rider was not revealed by him.

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