Punching By Petacchi Leads To Furious Energy From Harrif

Mohd Harrif Salleh, the rider of Terengganu Cycling Team stated that his fierceness with Alessandro Petacchi has allegedly made him a punch bag. He points out that Petacchi had punched him in the stage sixth from behind of the Langkawi Tour of 2015 which began from Maran to Karak. The act was according to him completely unprofessional. The incident took place when two kilometre in the final was left with a minimum line margin.

The reason for his punching was that his team’s player was also in the same path. Concentration was disturbed by the action according to Mohd Hariff. He thought of sprinting away but then was also cautious that he would cause the act to be repeated. He feels that if his actions seem to be probable he is going to lose his temper. Another team mate of his team was also punched by other rider which is disgraceful but the name of the rider was not revealed by him.

Report to the commissar of the rider is what he wants to submit. Sebastian Duclos, the coach of TSG is also heralded by this news.

The coach straightaway pointed out that he is not going to jump to any sort of conclusion because he has not witnessed the incident. If there had been a video footage he would have showed it and then acted accordingly. The performance of the person who is charged is good according to the coach.

The race is moving slowly and is bound to progress and in the final stage they have a good chance to take the race with a win. Chances will be taken by the rider. Such incidents are to be avoided at all cost in sport but it is not under the control of somebody’s hand which is why such situations arise.

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