Petacchi Leading The Way Without A Contract

The economic crisis in Italy is continuing in the world of cycling as well. Other riders along with Alessandro Petacchi are unemployed for the season of 2015. Petacchi who is 40 years old stated that if he does not get a contract he is going to quit. He has made other plans if he does not get a contract which is to spend time with his family which is of utmost significance to him.

In 2010 he won the green jersey for Tour de France but what is disappointing is he does not have a renewed contract. Other riders are negotiating with the team of second division to find a place in the team. Petacchi is not weighed down by it but wants to continue with the experience of riding. He is in search for a team who will take good care of him. The riders of the Italian team are forced to step down to lower ranks. Some riders had to be sacrificed in the second division. It seems as if a crisis situation is going on amongst the riders of the team of Italy.

He is also thinking of leaving the team of Omega Pharma– Quick Step in 2015. He had retired briefly in 2013. He stated himself that in comparison to other sprinters he stands nowhere. He is in talks with other two teams in 2015. The general manager states that he has got experience behind his name which is going to back him. The deal is going to get sorted down according to the cycling agents. He has got his rhythm with him and what he wants to do is just find a way back in a team which takes him and at the same time which maintains a relationship. Yet he seems to be leading the way.

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