Petacchi Compares Gaviria To Sagan

Alessandro Petacchi, the former cyclist, is happy with the performance that Fernando Gaviria is putting at the moment, He believes that the quickstep rider Gaviria is a very good racer and compares him with Peter Sagan.

Gaviria, from Colombia has impressed one and all with this cycling prowess during 2016. He has won stage victories in popular races like the Vuelta a San Juan, the Tour de San Luis, the Tirreno-Adriatico and the Tour de Pologne. He has also won the 2016 edition of the Paris-Tours. With so much of achievement in one year, there is no doubting the ability of the racer and this explains why Alessandro rates him this high.

Petacchi thinks that he is the new Peter Sagan and has heaps of praises for Gaviria. The former Italian sprinter is very much impressed with his cycling skills and his determination to make it big. He has only praise for Gaviria and says that he is a cycling genius. He has got loads of talent and skills to become a great cycling champion one day. Petacchi is really impressed with the way Gaviria moves in the peloton.

Petacchi says that Gaviria will be soon having his name written in the Classics’ history books. The Italian is very much in awe of the performance that Gaviria showed in the victory in Paris-Tours. He is also mighty impressed with the cycling that Gaviria put up at the Milan San-Remo. These two races have earned Gaviria a very good reputation in the field and he should be on cloud nine after receiving so much praise from former Italian sprinter Alessandra.

Petacchi feels that Gaviria will show his mettle in the sprints at the Giro d’Italia. With one more seasons passing away, Gaviria is more mature and has better confidence in his abilities. He also has the backing of a very strong team.

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