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25 thoughts on “Giro D’Italia 2014 Preview Show

  1. Daniel Lloyd, Matt Stephens and Tom Last preview the 2014 Giro d’Italia.
    Without last years winner, Vincenzo Nibali, this years race should be even
    more unpredictable than usual.

    We can’t wait to see how it pans out.

    Join us throughout the race, and leave any questions or content suggestions
    in the comments below.

  2. Pantani commemoration climbs? Just shows you, eh? Maybe in 10 years time we
    will be having an Armstrong Day at TdF … :-)

  3. Cadel will be within top 5, Uran won’t have the form but can see him
    winning another stage. 

  4. Love GCN shows. So much better than anything you see on tele. My only
    complaint, I wish there were more! ;)

  5. Hey there! A really stupid question, but could you guys make a little Video
    how The pros excactly win a stage race like The Giro? Because I some times
    get confused which ratings and points one gets.

    I mean there are obviously the categorys sprint, climbing and the GC right?
    But sometimes I feel like winning as much stages as possible is not the key
    for winning the overall race? Or not?

    Sorry for this newbie question but even if I go cycling for a couple of
    years now, whatching it wasn’t my best talent 😛

    Cheers from Germany!
    Lennart Blom

  6. Podium contenders if they are onto their best 3 week form : Thomas De
    Gendt.. With another trip to the stelvio, it’ll be interesting to see if
    Quickstep can get him back into the rider he was 2 years ago.

  7. Have you got a bet going on dropping ukcyclingexpert catchprases or
    something? Sure I heard Matt call OGE ‘Ulrika’ in race commentary

  8. while your out in Italy filming….can you comment on the local wines and
    seeing as the italians dont do pies, can you look into the speciality
    caaaakkkkkeeeessss mmmmmm………… along the way. Thanks

  9. Oh, yes. Also have to comment on this years version of Valverde – even
    though it’s a bit out of context here.
    When he ‘came back’ from his suspension in 2012 several reporters had very
    mixed feelings and thoughts on his return.
    This year, back to his old winning ways, it seems to be cheers all around.
    I, personally, only see his tremendous form of the year in one way.
    This is NOT good for the sport, but very few reporters seems able to
    recognize this.
    (Not to talk about Chris Horner’s outstanding Vuleta…)

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