Cyclist Breaks World Record

Age is just a number for centenarian Robrt Marchand- the 102-year-old rider has awed everybody by breaking his world record in cycling speed last Friday. Marchand’s recent magnanimous feat is surely like the much needed oxygen for the seniors to stay active defying their graduating age.

Marchand rode around 16. 7 miles (26.927 kilometers) in 1 hour, beating up his earlier world record by riding over 2.5 kilometers within the same time-frame. The new record has helped him to top the roster among the 100+ age group riders. Interestingly, the centenarian has been able to refute the usual notion that growing age reduces capacity.

The cycling world is just amazed to witness the phenomenal feat accomplished by Marchand at this senior age when most people are found lying on the hospital beds. You certainly dont expect riders like him to be taking annual DH mountain bike holidays!

However, that is not the sole riding record achieved by the senior rider. In fact, Marchand is also the owner of 100+ group record on riding 100 kms. He set that record a couple of years ago in 2012- the 100 year Marchand celebrated his century by completing 100 km with 4 hours, seventeen minutes & 27 seconds.

Post his 2nd world record, the rider was naturally engulfed by the photographers just when he reached up to finishing line. He also received a standing ovation honor from everybody attending the race.

However, the centenarian rider was all poised while asked to speak a few lines about his recent phenomenal feat. “There were people who drove from as far as 600 kms away to watch me today! It’s just incredible. That is all I could say”, stated Marchand.

While approached about the centenarian cyclist’s next mission, Marchand confirmed about bouncing back with more surprises next year. “I’ve the chance to attempt again…maybe I would be able to come up with more next year”, stressed the icon cyclist.

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