Andy Schleck Announces Retirement On Account Of Knee Injury

Andy Schleck announced his retirement from Cycling on Thursday, 9th October due to his knee injury.

He is retiring at the age of 29. Winning Tour de France of 2010, which is the highlight of his career, failed to satisfy him completely at first because he was declared winner only after Alberto Contador was disqualified for doping. But later on he accepted the victory because he considers that he deserved it.

Andy Schleck’s talent was evident from an early age but even though he has a long list of accomplishments he is criticized for not having given 100% dedication to his career.

Schleck said that in spite of getting so much success, there were certain opportunities that he missed too. He further added that if one soars high he is bound to fall but every time he fell, he got up but this time he cannot make a comeback as his knee is severely damaged.

On the context of him and his brother teaming up and challenging many top riders on the mountains of France Andy said that he is very proud and also very fond of the memories he has of riding with his brother on the bike.

For the last couple of years, a series of accidents affected the career of Andy. He sustained an injury to his spine due to crashing in Criterium du Dauphine event in 2012 and as a result failed to participate in that year’s Tour de France where he was considered to be one of the favourites. He also failed to participate in the London Olympics due to his injury.

This year, Schleck collided with a spectator in east London on the third stage of 2014 Tour de France and badly damaged his knee ligaments cartilage and meniscus and had to withdraw from the Tour. This time the damage was so much that he had no choice but to retire.

Published by Liam