Alessandro Petacchi Without Contract For The Next Season

The financial crisis that Italy is facing at the moment has also affected the country’s cycling. A number of Italian professional cyclists including Alessandro Petacchi haven’t been able to sign a contract for the upcoming season.

Petacchi has said that he would quit cycling if he is unable to find employment for the next season. He finds travelling so much to be burdening and he further added that if he retires, he’ll devote himself to his family.

The 40 year old Italian veteran cyclist won green jersey at the 2010 edition of Tour de France. Petacchi played for team Omega Pharma Quick Step. The team hasn’t renewed their contract with Petacchi for the 2015 season, but Petacchi has a few options at hand. He’s currently trying to enter into a contract with Neri Sattoli which is a second division Italian Team, for the 2015 season. It was also reported that Petacchi is trying to enter into a contract with Cofidis, a second division French Team, for the upcoming season.

The winner of the coveted mauve jersey in the 2014 edition of Giro d’Italia, Nacer Bouhanni, who is also the three times stage winner in this edition of the race has entered into a contract with the French team Cofidis for the 2015 season. Bouhanni’s main aim for the upcoming season is winning both Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. If Petacchi plays for Cofidis in the upcoming season then he would be able to assist Bouhanni. If he joins Neri Sattoli team, then he’d be able to assist Jakub Mareczko. The Italian racer said that he’d still like to race. Petacchi said that he doesn’t find racing to be burdening at all. He said that he’d like it very much to be able to assist the young racers but he’ll also like to spend more time with his family.

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