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25 thoughts on “2010 Tour de Suisse Stage 4 Crash – Cavendish, Haussler, Boonen, Ciolek, Petacchi

  1. Cav is once again showing he is dangerous and has no conideration for his
    competitors or the rules. It’s not the first time and as long as it
    doesen’t carry any major penalties I’m sure we’ll see it again from him
    this season.

  2. It’s his unapologetic attitude that gets me. Then again, what do you expect
    from a guy who feels compelled to write an autobiography in his

  3. Ok people, it is good hanging it all on Cav but at the end of the day
    (literally & figuratively) isn’t the objective, to be the first over the
    line, no matter what it take??? Given the speeds that they are traveling,
    how much margin for error do you really think there is?? Because I know non
    of you are this good other wise you would be there racing and not watching
    the highlights on YouTube. However that all said Cav is nothing without
    Mark Renshaw. GO MARK,

  4. @2MOG Um, I would guess some of us either are out racing or have been. Tour
    de Suisse is not the only race in the world. Although we might not be as
    fast (who is?) there are rules about things like riding in a relatively
    straight line in the finale, rules about doping, rules about using hidden
    motors and so on, so to answer your question (“…no matter what it
    take???”), the answer is no.

  5. Cav is an arrogant little shit. I don’t care how fast he is, I’ll cheer for
    the Gentleman Sprinter, any day.

  6. @veloboy The wheels are carbon fiber, and it didn’t snap back into place,
    it crushed and that was it.

  7. @Charlienmeg lol i never said he was slow, but yes, pack filler!! when cav
    attacks with 50 k to go (or becomes lead break-filler!!) and still hits the
    podium ill buy you a coffee. sound fair?

  8. It was Cav’s fault this time I don’t think anyone’s arguing but the reason
    everyone hates him (this is for newbies) is because he’s actually good at

  9. @angeluzvan Stop talking shit dude. You are clearly the one who don´t know
    the rules. Cav goes way out of his line which is not permitted… hint this
    is why he gets the penalty and fine. Cav is a complete idiot, and deserves
    the penalty.

  10. Ok. I saw that on versus and they’re fining and penalizing Mark for that
    crash. First, it was Haussler’s fault… watch carefully. Secondly, there
    is no need to fine anybody for that. That was just a routine sprint gone
    bad. Docking 30 sec, 25 pts. and 200 francs ($178) for that is bull crap.
    Yeah I said it. I declare a bull crap on the officials.

  11. 33 comments with only 340 viewers. 1 in 10 viewers comment thats got to be
    a youtube record

  12. Petacchi avrebbe preferito vincere meglio: sulla linea lottavano Cav e
    Haussler, e sembrerebbe che il 1° abbia DELIBERATAMENTE tagliato la strada
    al 2°, dalle immagini.

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